EYE Turkish Language Center

 Hoşgeldiniz, Willkommen, Welcome, Welkom, Bienvenue, Bienvenido, Benvenuti, добро пожаловать

Language School in Izmir

Turkish Language Center (TLC) in Izmir offers students the opportunity to improve their Turkish level and knowledge.

We are a German-Turkish co-operation of Academia Linguae-based in Frankfurt and the EYE Turkish Language School in Izmir.

Our name EYE stands for Ege Yurtdışı itim” at our language school Turkish student attend foreign language course. Some of our students wants also gain abroad experience firstly to practise the foreign language and to learn more about the culture, people and education of the home country.

We welcome students from Europe, Asia and North America . Even if , Students come to our school from different destination, they always feel like their home in TLC. After their Turkish course they had unforgettable memories .TLC guarantee quality, care and service throughout your language course experiences in Turkey.


TLC offer a wide range of courses and accommodation options to individual or groups.

Whether students are a beginner, intermediate or advanced level, We offer courses that suitable for them. The classes are conducted by well-trained teachers. All teachers are Turkish native speakers and have at least a university degree. Teachers are choose not only for their knowledge and experience but also for their ability to connect with students as individuals. Teachers are assisted to be as creative as they can in making the language learning experience exciting and fun which leads to better learning. Participants at the Turkish-course appreciate the international atmosphere at the school in Izmir, and the friendly and competent staff.

We look forward to welcoming you to our school and helping you achieve your goals. According to TLC school’s director ‘We are a big family!’ Would you like to join Turkish Language Center family?


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    Did you know? 300 million people worldwide speak or understand Turkish!


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