Why TLC Skype lessons ?

What are the differences from TLC?

1.Your first lesson will take 70 minutes.

Your first 20 minutes will be free.You will meet with your teacher .After that you will start to learn Turkish.


2.Personalized learning plans

If you are not totally beginner after full payment our teachers will send to you a placement test.According to this  test result your first lesson will start. After your first class our teachers will create an individual curriculum that is tailored to suit your needs. This individual curriculum always include grammer,speaking,reading ,writing and  listening.

3.Professional Native Teachers

All teachers are Turkish native speakers and have at least a university degree. Teachers are choose not only for their knowledge and experience but also for their ability to connect with students as individuals. Teachers are assisted to be as creative as they can in making the language learning experience exciting and fun which leads to better learning. They work both at Turkish Language Center and via Skype.



4.Student can choose the day and time

Our students preference is the most importing thing for us.All year you can take skype lessons.


5.Communication in English

Our teachers speak English which is important for beginner students.


 6. Free learning materials

Our teachers will send students to all necessary training materials before their lessons.


7.Don’t need to pay  any registation fees.

Skype course students pay only the skpye course fees .We don’t charge any  registration fees.



How it works?

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